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Good vibrations.

I’m in my convertible, and I’m driving towards the coast. The wind is in my hair and I can feel the setting sun still warm on my back. Something beautiful and perfect is seeping from each of the speakers. Perhaps Miles Davis. The woman in the seat next to me is smoking her cigarette slowly, deliberately. She is waving her hand along with the music, and making rings of her smoke. The rings swirl and float upwards, before being sucked up and pulled out of the car by the wind. Her light hair is pulled into a hasty pony tail. She fits this scene to a tee.

I have no business where we are heading. No pressing matter or concrete plans. I’m not running from anything, or anyone. This is a pure being kind of thing. I’m going to wait until the beach is empty. I’m going to walk down towards the water, to the spot where it just starts to cover over my feet. I’m going to let it wash over me, over and over again. I’m going to let the sand bury my feet, let the earth pull me in towards it’s warm center. I’m going to forget about everything I know. I will close my eyes and stop thinking about my car, my family, work, everything and everyone. I am pure vibrating energy. I am infinite. I love myself and everything that exists. I am at the core of the earth now. I can feel the collective force of every thought that has ever been thought. I can see everything that eyes have seen. I have become the core of the earth now. I am absolute pure fucking being. I am listening to Miles Davis seeping from each of the speakers. She is next to me smoking her cigarette slowly. Her hair is in a hastily thrown together ponytail. I am in my convertible, and I’m driving towards the coast.

The weekend is imminent people…..