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Three important things, that, if the links aren’t clicked, will misrepresent me totally.

Sometimes, there is justice in this world.

Other times, there is not.

But always remember, jesus is watching over us.

More to come…


We are a brutal kind…

There is no such thing as Santa Claus. Don’t ask any questions. Just accept this as fact and move on. Why do we feel so compelled to lie to our children? We make the world such a safe and sterile place full of happy times, birthdays, and smiles. We shield their young, little, fresh, new eyes from anything we deem as “too harsh”, or inappropriate. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this practice, the truth is that the world is not a safe place. Not in the least. It’s not a place full of birthday clowns and friendly smiles. Nobody loves you. Nobody is selfless. Nobody cares. Once mommy and daddy aren’t around to coddle you, what is going to happen? You are going to burn out and cave in. Thats what happens. The universe is cold , cruel, and uncaring. Don’t ask any questions. Accept this as fact and move on. As humans, we have shown ourselves to be aggressive, unpredictable, and savage animals. We are the most destructive force on this planet. It’s trying to shake us off, like ticks. We lie to each other, we do things to hurt and maim. We bake big plump fluffy pies and get real fat like and we negate the use of commas. We are so good at lying to ourselves. We watch each other on TV and shed tears for how glorious and warm we are.Sally Ggodamned Struthers. Bono. What a nice boy. Don’t ask any questions. Accept this as fact and move on.