Outlook is Key

I’m having a pretty harsh morning. My alarm didn’t go off, so I had to rush before class. I was a bit hasty in making my coffee, so now I have to deal with grinds in my mug. I have emails that need to be answered, and a research paper that needs to be written. Guh.

I’m late to class and I’m getting dirty looks. All of these minor tragedies are making me want to scream. I open my notebook to vent, and of course it falls to the floor. I pick it up, and I find this note from my friend Kelly. It was in the middle of the book, in a random spot with a hundred blank pages on either side. It read “Outlook is KEY”. This note must have been written a few weeks back. I have no idea her motivation in writing it, nor when she expected me to find this nugget of inspiration. For the last few weeks, I have observed many things that have lead me to believe that the entire universe is connected. This is just another in a series of small revelations. The person who wrote said note once told me, “There is no such thing as random”. I’m starting to believe that. Imagine everything that had to take place in order for me to see this note at the time I that I did.

This happened last week. I would not be the person I am at this moment if things happened any other way. I would have walked away from the spot in which I was sitting at a later time. I would not have gotten to my next class a few minutes early, as I did. In those few minutes I had a conversation with a friend, and we made plans to get together during the weekend. I wouldn’t have had the time to speak to her had I not walked in when I did. While we hung out, we watched a movie I had never heard of before. I really enjoyed the movie, and it made an impression on me. It was definitely something that I will consider as an influence from this point on. Maybe these are minor things. Maybe my life would be exactly the same if I never saw Kelly’s note. Maybe I would have seen the note at another time when I would need it even more. Maybe I would have gotten hit by a car If I walked away any later. What if I’ll get hit by a car tomorrow because of the path I have taken?

Now ask yourself, now that you have read this, what will be different for you? Maybe you won’t get hit by a car, maybe you will. Maybe you will ask me what movie it was, watch it,  and be equally as influenced by it. Maybe it would offend you, or introduce you to an actor you were previously unaware of. Maybe you will be on a game show one day, and the million dollar question will be about that actor. Either way, you will have my friend Kelly to thank….


6 responses to “Outlook is Key

  1. I have to ask. What was the movie?

  2. The cook, The thief, His wife, and her lover.

  3. I have often thought that everything from our past leads us on a direct path to our future that was pre-determined. But what if the path that lead you was a path of hell? Was it worth it in the long run? Just my twisted twist on it, but I spend way too much time thinking about these kinds of things. Enjoyed your post though…thought provoking.

  4. Never seen it. I’ll add it to my list. And yes, I actually keep a list of movies to watch. I’m nutty like that.

  5. No, you are not crazy. I do the same thing.

  6. Interesting post. This one and the last one about your drive put me in mind of a book I read years back, maybe you have read it, I don’t know. It was called the Celestine Prophecy (sp?).

    Now i don’t know if I buy into all that it had to say but there are some relevant points. Manymeez mentions being on a pre-determined path, but then what of free will? Our actions through choice in the present do of course determine our future.

    Just my two pennys worth.

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