Let’s change the way we teach our children.

Meaningful post, as promised:

If something in the water was making you sick, and you were aware of this, logic would kick in and you would stop drinking the water. That’s what you would think anyway. This would not be the case if you were, let’s say, the American educational system. You would just keep on drinking, without a care or worry in the world. Ignore that cramp in your stomach. Don’t mind the vomiting.

What i’m trying to say is that education in this country is broken. We are teaching our children how to be weak followers. Whether this is by neglect or design is open to debate. Our children aren’t being taught how to make any real money. They aren’t being taught how to start a business, or build a house , or much of anything besides how to follow directions. We aren’t teaching them how to make informed, thought out, intelligent decisions. We just equip them with a standard set of actions and responses. Say no to drugs. Don’t touch me there. You know what I mean.

So what can we all do to fix this? It doesn’t seem so tough to me. Let’s listen to the kids. Let’s stop punishing them for being creative and asking questions. Encourage them. Reward them for outside of the box thinking. I’m almost positive that engaging children in this way would be innumerably more beneficial to them than negative reinforcement. Like they say, what goes around comes around. Teaching our children to be curious and caring can only make this a better world to be in.

/end rant 🙂

ok, so I have a final in my English comp class in eight hours.

ciao for now.


6 responses to “Let’s change the way we teach our children.

  1. Well said….I do agree that the children today are not being taught about very important issues. I do agree that not talking to strangers, saying no to drugs and such are important. My husband and I try to teach our children the importance of working hard for what you want because no one will just give it to you. We must be doing something right because my daughter want to become a nurse for the Air Force and my son, like all kids, want to have a career in baseball. Like the statement from thirdpoliceman in the original article said “Teaching our children to be caring, curious, and loving can only make this world better.” So true.

  2. School is not intended to be the sole place where children learn! If kids aren’t learning how to BE in life- how to be proactive, successful, resourceful people, the problem lies outside of school- in family, religious and civic organisations. School will only give you a toolbox. You have to find the vision of what to build inside yourself. You must seek the architectural drawings from your elders- from people whose lives you would like to emulate.

    True success won’t be handed to you. It’s up to you to make your life happen successfully.

  3. Education is indeed broken in this country. Take a look at this article: The Seven-Lesson Schoolteacher.

    Unfortunately, how one’s raised does make a difference, and education takes up a significant part of that picture. To think we all have equal opportunities at success is naive. Statistics show that education plays one of the largest roles in determining one’s later success. Children seldom get to choose the educational system they attend for twelve years of their life, making it the responsibility of all of us to provide adequate schooling to all children in our country. Activism and a social conscience go a long way.

    It’s up to we the people to make education a priority. Only then will it resonate with politicians all the way to the upper echelon, where the most radical and necessary changes can be made, e.g. increased funding and reform.

  4. In my opinion, the downfall of the public school system is that people expect the gov’t to do, be, fix everything, and the gov’t gives the people little ability to do, be, fix anything. Children need to be taught more than just to read and write, and take a test (the uncanny ablitity of our children’s test taking skills are thanks to Mr. President’s “no child left behind”) Not all children have private resources for outside of school learning oppertunity. Our schools need to teach the excitment, value, and importance of learning…well, anything. If the gov’t gave parents more control, choices and power…the school systems would have no choice but to listen.

  5. Let’s be honest here, everyone on here is screaming hate against Liberal ideas and that I can agree with. School & Education has changed so much over the years and we have went away from Educational topics due to school administrators being afraid of offending someone. Hell, I read in a local paper the other day that several schools are getting away from the Honor Roll and are now giving all kids certificates at the end of the year. So no one feels left out. How pathetic, of course though this is a great way to truly keep people dependent later on, due to attempting to eliminate competition, to better oneself. Hmmm…more votes for the Liberals?

    As for opportunities, folks let’s be honest here, everyone is entitled to 13 years of FREE education. What you choose to do with those 13 years normally determines what happens for the rest of your life (i.e. Flipping burgers Vs Software Test Engineer (my profession)).

    Anyway, speaking of Church, Jesus made men into Fishermen, not welfare recipients. [Sorry for the book]

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